Project examples

You can gain an impression about our activities from the following examples of earlier developments.
With some of the shown developments customised and extended modules or devices can be created from them (rapid prototyping).

Customised Development and Series Production of an Audio DSP System



Audio DSP system for a multi-channel loudspeaker.
With 6 analog inputs and 6 class-D power amplifiers, the system provides the basis for an active multi-channel loudspeaker.
Furthermore, the unit offers 4 analog outputs, peak indicators and an external mute function.


  • DSP: Analog Devices SigmaDSP
  • Analog Input: balanced +4 dBu (max. +21 dBu)
  • Analog Output: balanced +4 dBu (max. +21 dBu)
  • Output power: 6 x 19.5 W (1% THD, 4 Ohm)

Technical Data:

Out Assignment:

  • System specification
  • Development of the additional components to the DSP4audio, system integration
  • System test
  • Prototype manufacturing
  • Series production and quality assurance

Customised FPGA Development



Datalogger for EnDat 2.2 systems. The FPGA is, as a highly integrated logic element, part of a PCI card, which also includes a microcontroller.
Its configuration includes the complete logic circuitry of the synchronous serial data interface EnDat 2.2 (8 MHz).
All data on the EnDat line are received by the FPGA, evaluated and passed on through a register interface to the microcontroller.


  • FFPGA: Altera ACEX, 64 MHz internal clock
  • Function blocks for implementation of the EnDat 2.2 specification
  • Bus interface for microcontroller

Technical Data:

Our Assignment:

  • Production of requirement and functional specifications
  • Programming of the FPGA logic in AHDL and integration tests
  • System testing and preparation of the test procedure and logging
  • Documentation

Customised Device Development and Series Production



Device for generating alternating magnetic fields for medical treatment.
The device has a microcontroller management, an HMI with touchscreen and graphic display and a patent-pending transconductance amplifier.


  • Microcontroller: Atmel AVR ATmega2561, 8-bit RISC
  • Amplifier: Combined Digital-/Analog amplifier (hybrid-bridge PWM)
  • HMI: QVGA graphic display and resistive touch panel

Technical Data:

Our Assignment:

  • Consultation with the customer and product definition
  • Drafting specifications
  • Design of hardware, software architecture
  • Fine development and module testing of all components
  • Integration and System Test
  • CE approval and equipment certification under Directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device)
  • Patent protection for the amplifier stage
  • Series production and quality assurance

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