Test Transmitter and Frequency Converter 100 kHz ~ 2.5 GHz (Opt. 5 GHz) GMDI Series

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    The device provides a frequency range of up to 5 GHz and a high spectral purity, a continuous frequency or amplitude sweep, a vector modulator with 80 MHz modulation bandwidth, a fast settling time and a high signal-harmonic ratio. Due to its modular construction, options are available for retrofit. Integrated modulation modes are AM, FM, Pulse and I/Q. An integrated baseband signal generator (for e.g. QAM) is available as option. With this, baseband signals can be uploaded into the devices' memory and converted.
    • Frequency range 100 kHz ~ 2.5 GHz (Opt. H: 2.5 ~ 5 GHz without modulation)
    • Continuous frequency and level sweep
    • Spurious supression < -45 dBc
    • Phase noise < -100 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz (Opt. L)
    • Modulation AM, FM, Pulse or I/Q (DC ~ 80 MHz)
    • Fast settling time 6 ms
    • Level -110 ~ +13 dBm
    • Driver for Labview®, Matlab®, STEven ATE™
    • Fast boot time 2 seconds
    • Compact and portable battery and mains powered
    • Made in Germany

    Apart from the device, HUBER SIGNAL PROCESSING offers the unique option for the development of customised devices or for using parts of the technology for your projects.


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