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A Unique Design Experience

A fast and efficient way of designing, analysing, verifying and finally deploying a customised filter into a final product. State-of-the-art algorithms implemented in highly optimised mathematical libraries and modern ergonomic principles provide professional designers with:
  • An interactive real-time filter designer and signal analyser
  • Unique functionalities: the world's first interactive filter scripting language interface, a powerful signal generator with streaming audio support
  • An extremely productive and pleasurable user design experience, based on the ‘first time right’ design principle

High Design Efficiency, Without the Need of Complicated Mathematics

  • Graphically specify your technical requirements with no additional mathematical knowledge and let the tool fill in the necessary technical details
  • Design of customised filters: The filter scripting language interface allows users to design bespoke filters by entering their specifications as simple symbolic mathematical expressions, which can be modified interactively
  • Speed up the design process by re-using and quickly customising existing designed filters

Speed Up Time-To-Market

  • Quickly design, analyse and verify your design on sensor test data (including audio)
  • Gain a complete application based on the first-time-right design principles
  • Quickly get full verification of filter-performance
  • Plug & Play interface - directly insert the verified filter into the dedicated application
  • Direct integration into your design processes from concept through to functional implementation
  • The combination of these features provide product developers with a fast and efficient way of designing, analysing, verifying and finally deploying their filter into their final product. This lead time is typically shorter than that of the existing design methods, which are based on an inconvenient iterative methodology.

Structured Problem Solving

  • Perform experiments on your test data with different types of filters, easily eliminating any dead-end solutions and quickly converge to the ideal filtering solution for your application

Automatic Creation of Your Technical Specification and Documentation

  • Advanced analytics and algorithms automatically analyse the technical details and summarise the information in a form suitable for customer datasheets and formal technical specification documentation. This also provides a painless route for handover to colleagues or other teams.

Protect Your IP from Hackers

  • Standalone Windows based application significantly lowers the risk of 'prying eyes' stealing any confidential IP from your organisation, as no cloud based solution is used

Example: Design of a DC loadcell sensor filter


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