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  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing) for Engineers
    Digital Signal Processing is now present at nearly every area in technology. This workshop provides an introduction into the mathematics, shows practical solutions and gives useful tips and tricks.


    • Introduction to DSP and its applications, filtering (implementation, FIR, IIR), DFT / FFT and its applications, tips & tricks with examples and applications. How to select the right DSP team. How to organize your development project.
    • Prerequisites
      Basic knowledge of mathematics would be helpful, but are not mandatory.
    • Organisation
      You will need to bring your own Laptop with a Matlab installed (trial version is sufficient).

    Speaker: PhD Amir Kapetanovic
    Language: English
    Location: GEROTRON COMMUNICATION GmbH, Martinsried / Munich, Germany
    Date: On demand

  • Non Typical Software Design for System Security
    Today, application software has almost become uniformized. The presentation deals with a non typcial and non uniform method of system design, code generation and secure software development.

    The presented method can be used

    • as a tool for simulation, visualization, co-verification of the system design improving the system security,
    • for process monitoring or as an add-on to the process monitoring, with the feedback supervised by human,
    • as man machine interface,
    • implemented in the process as machine intelligence or part of the machine learning cycle,
    • for machine to machine communication.

    The add-on value of the method is presented by some examples illustrating the stated benefits.

    Speaker: PhD Amir Kapetanovic
    Language: English
    Date: On demand

  • Adaptive & Multirate Processing
    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) has passed the tremendous evolution. For the engineers and technology researchers who specialized DSP, as well, as for the ones who get the notion of what DSP could possible be, this workshop is structured to provide the overview of the adaptive and multirate DSP theory and practice.

    The workshop will provide the theoretical knowledge, followed by application examples, source code and by demonstrations. Adaptive and multirate signal processing covers huge and large methodology and applications, which is very important to the embedded and DSP practice. Attendees should possess working knowledge of computing, programming and mathematics, and, to the certain extent of the DSP tools and algorithm test-development-implement cycle. The objective is to provide the essentials of adaptive and multirate DSP concepts and algorithms, along with practical information on the design and implementation of DSP systems.

    Level: Entry-level to mid-level experts, researchers, computer-scientists, system managers and designers

    Speaker: PhD Amir Kapetanovic
    Language: English
    Date: On demand

  • Denoising and Extracting Signals from Medical Sensors
    Imaging techniques, blood pressure sensors, pacemakers: When taking measurements at the patient with high data rates, the wanted signal very often is buried fully in noise and interference. To denoise and fully extract such a signal continuously with common techniques based on matrices is a tedious and costly task and needs enormous computing power in the range of several GigaFLOPs - not available in portable applications. Simple "Plug & Play" promoted by vendors of DSP hard- and software does not work here and will not yield the desired results.

    The same goal can be reached with the help of new approaches based on adaptive and multirate algorithms - with significantly less computing resources and less cost.

    In this workshop the speaker will present these approaches in detail and will also look at other important aspects like hardware/software partitioning on the sytems level as well as creating and protecting intellectual property (IP) in the area of digital signal processing.

    Prerequisites for the attendees: Knowledge of the fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing, Knowledge of basic DSP algorithms

    Speaker: PhD Amir Kapetanovic
    Language: English
    Date: On demand

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